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Roof Cleaning Service

Perimeter Roofing Columbus is proud to offer roof cleaning! As one of the best ways to maintain your roof, we encourage homeowners and business owners not to skip roof cleaning services. Annual roof cleaning is important because roofs are exposed to harsh outdoor elements, which can build up quickly over time. Dirt, debris, and plant growth can all harm your roof, damaging its functionality and allowing bacteria and mold to flourish. 

Foregoing roof cleaning service could cost you expensive roof repairs, or in more serious situations, a roof replacement. To keep your roof in the best possible condition, schedule annual roof cleaning to ensure your roof stays in excellent condition. It won’t just help prevent damage from roof stains, but will also enhance your curb appeal and keep your roof looking brand new.

Our Roof Cleaning Process

At Perimeter Roofing Columbus, we’re committed to following the best roof cleaning practices. We take part in mechanical cleaning, which means we’ll use strong pressure washers and brushes to rid your roof of harmful invaders. We’re also skilled in using drones to target a pressure washer onto the roof, which is an effective way of thoroughly cleaning your roof. Through this advanced technology, we’re safely able to clean the entire surface of the roof.


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How Roofing Damage Occurs

Roofing damage is not something to take lightly, as it can cause severe issues to plague your roof. When you do experience roofing damage at your home, it’s important to immediately schedule roof repair. It’s common for harsh thunderstorms to cause roofing damage, as the onslaught of rain, hail, and snow may attack your roof’s structure. In these conditions, you may see snow cause ice dams, intense rain lead to roof leaks, and hail lead to cracking shingles. 

It’s also normal for roofs to deteriorate in condition over time, especially if you have neglected maintenance. Older roofs may develop holes and cracks easier when presented with severe weather conditions or extreme temperatures. 

Another common form of roof damage that most people underestimate is plant growth. Most people don’t understand how damaging this can be for your roof over time, which is why they let algae or moss run rampant on their roofs. Here are the types of plant growth to look out for: 

  • Roof Algae: Algae is attracted to warm, humid climates, and can quickly spread over the roof. Taking the form of black roof stains, it can easily harm the appearance of your roof, even causing streaks to appear. Algae can take root inside shingles, causing cracks and holes. 
  • Roof Moss: Moss can be found on roofs with damp, shaded areas. Moss can implant under shingles as well, where bacteria and mold flourish. This may cause cracks and leaks to appear in the roof over time.
  • Roof Lichen: Lichen is a type of relationship between algae and fungus. When they grow together, they can attach to the roof strongly. Lichen can quickly build up and spread, causing damage to shingles. Lichen is best removed with a very strong pressure washer.

Why Clean Your Roof? 

Any type of growth or build-up on your roof is not a good sign. Roofs need to be kept clean to ensure they can function properly and protect your home well. An accumulation of any kind of debris or plant growth may be detrimental to your roof, which is why we strongly recommend that you take part in roof cleaning. It’s as easy as scheduling service with the friendly roof cleaners at Perimeter Roofing Columbus.

Prevent Damage

The most important reason to schedule roof cleaning is to protect your roof. Plant growth is one of the most destructive elements that can cause severe damage to your roof. Combat this by scheduling an appointment with our roof cleaners, where any build-up will be washed away.

Increase Curb Appeal

Keep your roof looking brand new with roof cleaning. We especially recommend this if you’re trying to sell your home. Buyers don’t want to see old roofs riddled with algae growth or roof stains. They want to see a strong, stable roof that will last a lifetime. 

Roof Cleaners in Columbus GA!

Perimeter Roofing Columbus is proud to announce that we now offer roof cleaning! When you’re ready to schedule service, contact our team. We offer affordable roof cleaning to ensure your roof stays functional and is protected from outside elements. We also offer free roofing inspections, which we encourage you to take advantage of! Have peace of mind that your roof isn’t sporting hidden damage or roof stains, but rather protecting your home well.